You First Have to Start! {Miss January}

January 20, 2014

Starting anything is not always easy. It is sometimes scary.

Last week, I talked about it is “never too late to start”. This week will be a continuation (if that’s what you want to call it).

When I started running, it was definitely not easy (and frankly, it still isn’t). My legs hurt and my muscles ache, yet I actually look forward to running. My mindset about running has changed. Once my mind was made up, it was time to start running and that was where the change began. Again, it was (and still is) not easy but once the “start” was made, it has gotten easier.

Having a goal (Color Vibe 5K) has also made it easier. My mom and I had talked about running but had never actually made that first step. When we decided that we were serious about the running, we signed up for the Color Vibe 5K (some people call it a “Color Run”). While we do not actually have to run it, we decided we could (and should) run some of the 3.1 miles. We actually signed up before we ever started running. We knew that, if we didn’t have a goal to work towards, it would be easy to give up on running.

Yes, there are times that it would be so much easier to not go running, to just sit at home and watch TV, but since we have started running and have a goal to work towards, we have to keep going. We must finish what we have started.

…so, if you have thought about doing something but have just not started, go ahead and set some kind of goal. Maybe you are wanting to start a new job, or thinking about eating healthier, or even running…set a goal and the start will be easier (even if only a little easier). Even if you have your doubts about what you are starting (…and who doesn’t?), look toward your goal and eventually your mindset will change.

Start to be Great

Remember: In order to finish, you first have to start.


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