Watermarking {Tech Tuesday}

June 4, 2013

We see bloggers often watermarking photos, and many of us wonder “How do they do it?” and “Does it take much time?”  Personally, I use lots of photos in my blog posts.  First, because I can never choose which ones to use.  Secondly, because my family enjoys seeing pictures of our daughter.  Since I use so many, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to watermarking photos.  I need something easy.

Most often, bloggers watermark photos to keep others from taking their photos and claiming them as their own.  Some watermark photos to market their blog or business.  It’s also a great way to link others back to your blog if someone pins your photos on Pinterest.  It is very easy to save photos to a desktop…which is how my family gets the majority of our pictures!  Ha!  I won’t be watermarking many photos for that reason, but there are times when watermarking photos is a great idea!  Meg at Keeping up with the Jones’ has given me her step-by-step process she uses to watermark her photos.

She says that Picasa is the easiest for her.

Step #1: Select the photo that you want to edit and make whatever color edits you want.


Step #2:  Select the text tool on the left side of the screen.  Type your name (or blog…or whatever) and change the size, font, and location.


Step #3:  Apply the changes and export your photo.


That sounds easy enough!  When I export pictures from Picasa, I usually create a folder on my desktop.  You could even delete the folder after you have uploaded them to your blog.

Do you have another method of watermarking your photos?  Share it with us!




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