How Does Your Garden Grow

August 8, 2013

When I had my first child, my life changed. Everyone says that, right? Well, I don’t just mean my life changed, like, I can no longer take a hot bath by myself and read my favorite novel, kind of change. I mean my life completely transformed. It wasn’t so much the child that changed me, but rather how God used that child to inspire me to change. Then the next thing I knew He was slowly but surely transforming each and every area of my life, and making me someone new.

My opinions on things changed. Old habits died, and thankfully not too hard. The way I reacted, interacted, and just plain acted, became different. My choice in music, literature, movies, it all changed. It didn’t happen over night, mind you. It happened slowly over time. I began to discover that the way I behaved in trying times also changed. This, I suppose, surprised me the most. A breakdown on the side of the road wasn’t an episode to cuss, fuss, and cry over. As my trust in the Lord grew, I began to see such incidents as all working into His grand plan. As I struggled with issues like work and balancing a home life, I began to realize how I was not in the struggle alone. When you have a rock to lean on, it’s somehow easier to keep standing. When you have a shadow to rest within, it’s so much easier to keep cool. As I watched my priorities change, and my desires become something new, I learned the best lesson of all. I learned how to be still. I learned how to wait. Waiting patiently definitely took a bit longer, I can tell you! My faith in God’s will for my life made me realize the absolute control He had over every aspect. As I began to see Him for the magnificent orchestrator He was, I realized that some times it’s best to wait for your cue. You can’t belt out your instrument before the Conductor signals you. If you do, it’s likely just to be a lot of noise, rather than the beautiful melody it was intended to be.

1011552_10200960285362824_1362612460_nEarlier today, my two year old wanted to water her flowers. I helped her fill up her watering can, and then helped her carry it to where she wanted it to go. As she tipped it over, nothing came out. She proclaimed, “Oh man! It’s broken!” I gave it a go, and it indeed would not let the water flow. I got down on the ground to examine it a little closer. I removed the spout, and discovered it was caked with wet sand. She had filled the container previously with dirt from her sandbox. I cleaned it out, and it was once again ready to flow and give life water to her little plants. We’re all like that in a way. I don’t mean the two year old. I mean the watering can. We are vessels that God fills with His life giving Holy Spirit. Often times, life isn’t where you want it to be. You can find yourself with desires unfulfilled and goals in your heart to achieve. When these dreams don’t come easy, we become discontent. We become bitter and unbelieving. We decide, “God doesn’t care what I want!” These lies, feelings of false entitlement, and bitterness only serve one purpose. They’re the dirt that clogs up our watering can. When you fill yourself with anything other than the pure, clean desire to serve Jesus and His will for your life, then you’re not going to see much of a return. You can tip yourself any which way you want, but nothing is going to pour out. If this goes on long enough, your garden will suffer, and may eventually wither away. If you can quiet yourself, and find a way to be still, it’s then that God can fill you up. In your patient waiting, He is able to dislodge any dirt. Sometimes it takes a little bit, but realize that He is filling you to capacity, and when the time is right, you will pour forth all His blessings. Then won’t your garden grow!


100 Savor the essence of life is a reminder to grab hold of all the beautiful, precious moments that give you such joy. Brie is a 35 year old mother of two girls. Chloe is 2 1/2 and Bailey is 5 months old. She loves her husband to pieces. She is a veteran of the US Navy and a Registered Nurse. Most importantly, she is a child of the one true King. Her relationship with Christ is the foundation for her life, and the reason she blogs. If sharing the joy she experiences on a day to day basis can further God’s kingdom, then Brie considers herself truly blessed. You can find Brie at Savor the Essence of Life.

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