Waffle Bar {Foodie Friday}

October 24, 2014

The thought of me (the tiny bird who rarely cooks) writing a Foodie Friday post seems comical, I know! Alas, here I am, to tell you about a tasty waffle bar!

image1-1Jordan and I were asked to host our small group. The host couple typically provides dinner, and we have some amazing (uh-may-zing) cooks in our group!! I thought a waffle bar with various toppings and oven-cooked bacon (thanks, Pinterest!) would be a fun breakfast-for-dinner menu! As you’ll soon read, any time the Thorntons host small group, something goes awry!


(We have used this mix from Kroger before! So delish.)

We ate lunch and went to Kroger with a list. I bought two pints of strawberries. When we got home, and I started cutting them up, one entire pint was bad!!!!!!! Cue the outrage, y’all! I didn’t have time to go to Kroger and make a scene. We had to then hop in the car and run to Walmart. Their strawberries weren’t much better, but we found two containers that were near-perfect.

We were finally on top of things!!!!! We set out the topping options and tidied up the house. We had spare time before we planned to start cooking! I even had time to give Jordan a haircut!!!!


(We play back porch barber shop from time to time!)


(We love our small group so stinkin’ much that we shared our cookie butter!)


(Elvis waffle, anyone?!)




Guests would be arriving at 5:30. We decided to start bacon and waffles at 5:00. (I turned down a second waffle maker. We had this under control! YEAH RIGHT.)

At 5:00, we realized we didn’t look at the waffle mix box to see what all ingredients were required…..sigh.

Water. Oil. Waffle mix. Eggs. Of course, we didn’t have eggs. Jordan had to dash out the door and jet to Kroger (our third grocery receipt in ONE day!!!!!!) for the eggs. So, OF COURSE, we were late feeding our friends. Thankfully, they cover us in grace. Plus, I think the cookie butter helped!


(Bacon in the oven?! Genius. Yay, Pinterest! Thanks for not being a total fail!)







Jessica Thornton




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