Using Your Phone to Get Fit

November 11, 2014

((Discussing the Map My Run App))

Are y’all looking for a way to get fit this Fall??

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The holidays are quickly approaching which usually means lots of delicious food, social gatherings and busy schedules.  The weather has finally cooled down in Mississippi and that makes it the perfect time to get outside and get some exercise.  The leaves are changing, the temps are lower and there are many fun places to walk in the area.  I needed a little extra motivation to get fit this Fall so I downloaded the free Map My Run app for the iphone.  It’s really user friendly and works well as long as your settings allow it to track your walks.  I do not run so I use it to map my WALKS around Jackson.  It keeps track of everything for you and there are so many features.  You can track your food, details about your exercise and you can upgrade the app for a few bucks to track even more things.  It does a lot!!  You can sign up for emails, alerts, and join groups to stay motivated.

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Let me just tell you how easy it is to use it.  You open the app when you begin your workout, click START MY WORKOUT, put your phone in your pocket and start walking.  When you are finished you click finish and save.  It records your information and keeps it in your activity feed.  It records distance, pace, duration, calories and shows you a visual of your route.  It is really handy to go back and see past workouts to see the progress you’re making.  I have also found that the route map really motivates you to go a little farther each time you exercise.

My Fitness Goals for the rest of the year:

1. Drink more water

2. Eat a rainbow of colors each day – lots of fruits & veggies

3. Get moving

4. No late night snacking

5. Eat regularly throughout the day so I’m not ever “starving”

6.  Get plenty of sleep

Where do y’all enjoy going for walks or runs around Mississippi?  I’d love to hear suggestions for parks or any walking areas that are stroller friendly.  My family just moved to Jackson in July so we would great benefit from your local recommendations.

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