Tree Picking {Miss December}

December 9, 2013

This month’s theme is traditions, fitting right? These girls on MSWB sure know what they are doing:) I love me some traditions. No, I don’t think you read that right…. it reads, I lurrrvvvveeeee me some traditions. I already knew exactly what I wanted to share with you when I learned this month’s theme. The first is probably the most obvious and a tradition that I’m sure you already celebrate. Tree. Picking.

What’s that you say? You don’t have this tradition? You don’t know how to start it? You want to learn? You’re sick of me asking questions already? Don’t fret, friends. I’m here with some really no brainer tips to get traditions started in your family.

1. Do them. Real motivational, right? Starting a tradition takes the effort of just starting it.
2. Use your childhood as inspiration. Take traditions you did when you were little and tweak them to fit your life now or your little ones
3. Take events you will already be doing and kick them up a notch. For example, we would already be buying a tree, but we always make it really special and exciting by making the entire day out of it. Lunch, christmas music and movies on in the background, chex mix and hot cocoa on hand. We spend the entire day and night getting our house all spiffed up. It’s an all day event. And the best. You got to buy presents right? Why not go shopping as a family for someone in need. Give your kids money to pick out a gift and let them really be apart of the season. My parents used to give us $10 to spend on a sibling that we drew from a hat. I absolutely loved finding a gift I thought they would enjoy. We always ate dinner at the mall, which I thought was the greatest (I mean, have you had an Auntie Ann’s Pretzel… you know), and spent the evening hunting for the perfect gift. Hands down one of my favorite traditions.
4. Brainstorm some fun idea, look at other blogs, scroll through Pinterest, etc to gets some fun ideas for you family. Don’t be all like “oh I got to think of something original” because truthfully, your kids or husband don’t care about that. They just care about having fun and being together. Why reinvent the wheel right?? If you see something someone else is doing that looks like fun, by all means, do it!

Along with tree pickin’, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite traditions right here on MSWB this month. If you like them, feel free to completely copy them.  I encourage it.

To see more images from our day of tree pickin’ and to hear about the true art of picking a tree then by all means head over to my blog today & enjoy!

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