Touring My Christmas Trees

December 17, 2014

It’s our first Christmas here in Mississippi and we have had so much fun decorating our house.  I pulled all of our decorations out of storage and got busy adding cheer to every corner of our house.  We have our biggest tree in our family room, a green tree collection, a baby tree in my daughter’s room and a vintage tree in our bedroom.  Take a look!

Dec7canon 020
Our real tree: We went with a toddler proof tree this year.  Our daughter is 18 months old and is VERY excited about Christmas.  She touches the ornaments and shouts HAPPY!  We didn’t want to have to block off the tree so we picked out all of our fabric, felt, plastic and any other non-breakable ornaments and got busy decorating.  It’s been fun to have a tree that we don’t have to stress about and can just enjoy as a family.  Every night the lower section of our tree requires a bit of tidying up and redecorating, but that’s just fine by me.
Dec7canon 044
Our Green Tree Christmas Tree Collection:  My favorite color is green so I started collecting all kinds of green Christmas trees a few years ago.  They are made out of glass, sequins, garland, jingle bells and covered in sparkles.  They make the perfect centerpiece for my dining room table and it’s one of the first things that guests see when they walk into my house.  I love it and am always on the hunt for a new tree to add to my collection.
Dec7canon 103
Our daughter’s tree: I grew up having a Christmas tree in my bedroom so I knew that tradition must continue with my daughter.  We got a 4 foot tree and started collecting ornaments for her last year.  She loves looking at her ornaments and is quick to point out the shoes and baby pictures.  We made several ornaments last year and have added a few new ones this year.
Dec7canon 098
Our bedroom tree:  My husband’s Nana made him this vintage tree when he was little.  He’s had it in his bedroom for many years so I was excited to pull it out of storage this year.  It lights up the room and is a sweet reminder of family.

We switch up the theme of our trees each year.  We’ve done travel themed trees – we make sure to pick up a Christmas ornament from every city we visit.  We did a Notre Dame themed tree a few years ago to showcase our Irish pride and we have done sentimental trees where we display ornaments with special meanings.  It doesn’t matter what kind of tree we decorate, it’s always a cheerful holiday at our house.

I’d love to see your trees so leave a comment below with a link to a tour of the trees at your house.
Merry Christmas!!  Whitney @ Polka-Dotty Place

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