Time Savers in the Kitchen {Foodie Friday}

March 28, 2014

The Kitchen.

It’s a place we all have a love/hate relationship with.

When we can dance in the kitchen while jamming out and sipping on some wine while cooking, we love it.

When the kids are screaming in the living room, the husband is working late, it’s 7 pm and you forgot to defrost the meat, we hate it.


To help you love your kitchen more, we took to Facebook to find out some of your favorite tips on how you maximize your time in kitchen with either meal prep or the actually cooking.

Meg the Mama from www.megthemama.blogspot.com suggests:

When making chicken spaghetti and chopping up bell peppers, chop all of them then divide them into Ziploc snack bags and freeze until the next batch of chicken spaghetti.


Kayla Essary from www.anewlifeforkayla.blogspot.com suggests:

Shred your chicken with a hand mixer. It’s faster and not as messy.


Rachelle Williams from www.southernchelle.com suggests:

Make snacks in bulk! I make a large batch of protein balls to have for snacks. They last me over a week at a time.


Rhonda Christian from www.hepburnandhoundstooth.com suggests:

When making sauces, make A LOT! They freeze well and you are set for a while!


Claire Nettles Gilliam from www.cookiedoc.blogspot.com suggests:

Using your crockpot and add rotisserie chicken from the grocery store to your grocery list. Crockpots are our friend! They are a fix it and forget it appliance in your kitchen.


Erin Loper Hern from www.erinhern.blogspot.com suggests:

Prepack your weekly snacks! Erin purchased her snack bags with measurements on the bag to help with portion control.

snack bags


Jenny Mac Rogers from www.jennymacrogers.blogspot.com suggests:

When making smoothies, make a large batch and use for the next day! Make sure you put them in the freezer though.

Chicken tenders cook quicker than chicken breasts and can be used in a variety of recipes! They cook faster than chicken breasts!

Instead of sautéing mushrooms, just place them in a Pyrex dish, season them and bake for about 20 minutes.


We love hearing your kitchen tips! Is there a kitchen topic that you would like to learn more about from our bloggers? If so, comment below and we will get on it!


Happy Friday!

Meg the Mama


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