The Women Bloggers (MSWB Owner) Partners with Kendal King Group’s Velocity

October 3, 2014

Press Release from Beth Stephens, Director of Strategic Marketing, Kendal King Group

A few weeks ago, Kendal King Group quietly launched a new division of our company known as KKG Velocity.  We shared the news first in what may have seemed to our industry peers to be an unlikely setting: the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference held in Rogers earlier this month.The stage we chose was not random, however – in fact, it was a strategic investment in what we believe is the future of marketing: the ability and willingness of the most cutting-edge agencies and multinational brands to work hand in hand with their target audience: consumers.Square-KKG-Velocity-e1409943481831

Here’s what we know about bloggers: you are knowledgeable, connected and current.  We believe you’re far more in tune with what’s happening on the retail landscape on a minute-by-minute basis than those of us in the trenches of the marketing profession!  Although, we did get a kick out of a recent ADWEEK infographic on what motivates and agitates mom bloggers – can you relate?

It boils down to this: we work with more than one hundred companies in the retail and CPG (consumer packaged goods) space.  The simple laws of supply and demand mean that the retail industry exists to put products which are desired by consumers into their hands.  For us to do our job as a retail and shopper marketing agency, we darn well better be talking to – and working hand in glove with – consumers like you… right?So besides our enthusiasm for bloggers, what does that mean for you, a member of one of The Women Blogger’s state-focused blog comunities?For the past 27 years, the DNA of KKG has been integrity and reliability mixed with the ability to solve complex problems and a passion for innovation on behalf of our clients.  With KKG Velocity, we’ve built a new breed of agency riding the fence between manufacturing and marketing – meaning we can conceptualize and build an incredible in-store display to promote the latest How To Train Your Dragon movie, or we can launch a digital marketing campaign for a new product targeting a niche audience.  We’re nimble like that!As our company continues to actively blow into new territory, we encounter more and more opportunities to craft savvy, social, strategic solutions to our clients’ pain points.  When we put together a proposal for marketing services, we want to work with the best talent available to execute projects for our customers, whether that’s a member of our talented team or a stay-at-home mom in Missouri.  So whether we need to build and manage an email marketing campaign, execute a digital media strategy, conduct a consumer focus group or write top-notch content for a corporate blog or website, we know that bloggers are the new freelancers.

If a brand wants to post content on their corporate blog to reach – and impact – mothers of preschoolers in Texas, who better to craft the content than the mother of a preschooler in Texas?

This is precisely why KKG Velocity is partnering with The Women Bloggers as one of our preferred execution partners.  We know and trust Stephanie Buckley – owner and founder of The Women Bloggers and eight statewide blogging communities.  Her expertise is cultivating an amazing community of talented women, gathering you together and growing opportunities for you.

As you may have heard at the AWBU conference (or through the grapevine), Stephanie is creating a special kind of talent book.  We will rely on her to serve our needs for client projects, so you need to make sure you’re listed in her book!

Read more here if you are interested in being a contributor and working as a freelancer on Velocity projects through The Women Bloggers.

Keep in mind you’ll need to jump through a couple of hoops – it’s not just a matter of throwing your hat in the ring.  Just like any professional job interview, you’ll need to prepare a resume (in this case, a bio for Stephanie’s talent book) and show up prepared (in this case, by putting together a portfolio of your work).  We’ve given you all the tools you’ll need, and we can’t wait to work with you!

In the meantime, we’d love to have you learn more about go, Kendal King Group and our clients as well as KKG Velocity, a retail agency focused on marketing and brand strategy with an immense range of services including cause marketing, content and copywriting, design and creative services, digital media, marketing strategy and consultation, public relations, research and insights.  You can keep up with our dedicated Velocity accounts on InstagramPinterest and Twitter (as well as the company overall on FacebookInstagramLinkedInPinterest and Twitter).  Our new Velocity blog is going live soon with updates on the marketing industry and overall trends – stay tuned!

Bethany Stephens October 3, 2014 at 10:10 pm

We can’t wait to work with MWB! Wishing you well as you ramp up in Mississippi!


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