The last of Local Flavor {Miss August}

August 25, 2014

I have decided to take a little different twist on this last “Local Flavor” blog post and tell you a little bit about the small community I live in and our highlights!

– One all time favorite for our locals is to run down to the Sno-Ball stand and get a cheap cool treat. We live so close to New Orleans that the New Orleans flare bleeds over into our community.  Sno-balls are the BEST when they are stuffed with ice cream!  Making it kind of like a creamscicle taste!  They are cheap and such a fun family treat…not to mean a cool treat!
PJ’s Coffee is one of my all time favorite quite spots.  Again this originated in New Orleans but thankfully we have one, where it’s a quaint place to grab a yummy lunch with a friend or grab a cup of coffee to change up the office view every now and then!
-We have the all time famous Paul’s Pastry Shop.  Which is the original pastry shop that took a king cake and filled it.  So I’m going to share a very yummy king cake recipe with you all that I stole from my friend, who is a king cake making queen!!!  (recipe below)  Having Paul’s Pastry in Picayune we can be known for this yummy stop…again a great place to grab a bite to eat with a friend or run in and grab a dessert on the go to take to a function.
–  We southern Mississippi-an’s love our fried catfish!  If you’re ever in the area on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  Stop by Quevas’s which is our hole-in-the-wall catfish joint…located at a very old gas station!  The best and most greasiest fried catfish.
– During the spring and fall our Crosby Arboretum is a lovely place to walk around, when the weather is gorgeous, see the foliage and enjoy the blooms!
-If you love a bargain (and some of you probably have these in your home town) don’t miss out on Dirt Cheap.  It’s a hit or miss bargain store but sometimes it can be a really big hit with some great bargains!
Then lastly if you’re ever in the area…please do connect up and lets meet up!!!  Happy August to everyone!
The yummiest king Cake recipe…you should try!!

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