Blogging Tips {Tech Tuesday}

February 11, 2014

Blogging is a wonderful community of women who can become sometimes closer than those you’ve known your whole life.  However, in order to attract people to your blog you need to make sure you have a blog worth catching someone’s eye.

Mississippi Women Bloggers

Just a few tips:

Have a great About Me page.  Let’s face it.  People will open your blog and go to your page to find out more about the writer.  Make it worth their time!

Have a great blog design.  If your blog isn’t easily navigated, then your readers will become confused and frustrated and will quickly close out.  Make sure you keep it simple!

Respond to your readers.  If they take time from their schedule to comment, then be sure and return the favor!

Join in some link-ups!  It makes blogging more fun and engaging!

What kinds of tips do you have?

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