Tailgating With a Toddler {Back in My Day}

September 22, 2014

By Felicia Pollard
IMG_3202The sound of the band filled the air. The grey overcast clouds kept the sun’s sting at bay as I raced past the fans. With what seemed to be a 30 pound weight tucked under my right arm and tightly to my hip I marched toward the goal, the other arm dragging more dead weight I wondered if I had made the wrong choice. Maybe tailgating with a toddler was a bad idea. Would I ever make it back to the car? The twenty month old, yet to nap was a heap of flailing arms and legs, my slip, so thoughtfully worn to make sure my dress fell just right was shining, and my four inch wedges were far from being my favorite pair of shoes. I spoke to the Lord as I raced the wagon filled with Grove gear down the hill over the gravel to my car, literally raced to make sure I was pulling it rather than being drug behind it. And as if the Lord knew I could handle no more, my car was in sight.


A quick diaper change for my sleep deprived socialite and into his monogrammed stroller he went with his diaper bag and my Louis Vuitton I pulled my frazzled self together, and began the hike up the hill back toward Vaught Hemingway. As I walked past the tents filled with coeds and alumni, I hustled to the South Club to make kickoff. When I was just at the verge of talking myself back into the importance of game day traditions I came upon a flight of 20 steps that made my stroller tremble. As I lifted the stroller to my side, my toddler became air born I realized, that unknowingly this moment may have been the very reason I worked out this summer.




In route to the stadium a couple strolling their newborn asked me if game day was easier with a toddler. I smiled, wiped sweat from my brow, and reminisced that back in the day tailgating was easy. My only worry was which dress to wear, with what shoes and which purse to carry. My plans were only made to match those of my best friends or boy friends of the moment. Back in my day tailgating only required me to show up at someone’s tent and enjoy the company of friends and family. Back in my day the hike to the stadium was filled with laughs, bathroom stops, and making plans for what we were doing after the game. Back in my day my heels were still high, my dress was a bit shorter, I never thought to wear a slip, but I did eye the women with children and I scrutinized the child’s attire. I dreamed of what it would be like to come back for game day and have my very own to dress up.    Back in my day I didn’t see the sweat on the moms racing after their children, I didn’t notice the weary look on her face from sleep depravation. Back in my day, I had no idea how much my Grove experience would change, I had no idea how much work, planning, and preparation went in to making the eloquently adorned tents look effortless, but more importantly I had no idea how much I would enjoy sharing my gameday experience with my friends and our babies.





IMG_3201Felicia Pollard:

Former pageant queen,
Life long crafter
Lover of the arts,
Perpetual student
Obsessed with a tradition, Ole Miss, and anything holiday related.
Married my husband 500 days after we said I love you.
Currently an Assistant Principal in Oxford, MS,
I call Pontotoc home.
Mom to a precocious little boy.

lauren September 22, 2014 at 9:56 am

This is precious! Felicia is the cutest, Ole Miss mom there is! 🙂

Uncle Wayne September 24, 2014 at 9:10 pm

It’s hard to remain unbiased since she’s my niece, but being a tailgating mom is only a small part of Felicia’s very busy and productive life. You can find out a lot more reading her blog and perusing the pictures. I quite proud of her!

Uncle Wayne September 24, 2014 at 9:11 pm

Would you look at that, the apostrophe and the “m” dropped out of my last sentence.

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