Survey time! {Miss March}

March 24, 2014

“Help me help you.”


Jerry Maguire is one of my favorite movies ever, so when this line popped into my head, I couldn’t help but share the clip with you. (Besides, who couldn’t use a little Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding, Jr. to get a Monday started?)

In all seriousness, the whole point of this network of bloggers is to benefit each other. In order to do that, I need to hear from all of you MSWBs out there…

What are your goals?

When you’re dreaming big about your blog, what does that dream look like?

How can we help?

Who do you know that needs to join us?

I’ve emailed all of you a survey. (Note: I did this late last night, and had to send a second version because I failed to include a blank for your name and blog on the first. Please use the second, and please excuse the oversight. Also, if there’s something on your mind that we didn’t address in the survey, just let us know.) If you didn’t get it, send us an email at and we will make sure you get it! The responses are already rolling in, which is so exciting.

Speaking of exciting, we are now over 130 strong!

We have updated our list of bloggers, so make sure to take a moment to scroll through and explore some new blogs that you may not have seen before:

Kylie Wooten The Wooten Family

Mimi Davis State of Hospitality  and Sweeter Than Honey Ministry

Stephanie Clark Behind the Camera and Dreaming

Kris O’Brien MommyOhhhh 

Rachelle Williams Southern Chelle

Rachel Cox Oh Simple Thoughts 

Annalee Patrick Life Is Good Today 

Marianne Colee Macaroni & Cheese

Welcome, ladies!

Everyone have a great week!

Jenny Mac






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