Summer’s here! {Foodie Friday}

May 23, 2014

Happy Summer Ladies!

Cheers to you teachers for surviving another school year!
High-five to you mamas for making lunches and sitting in the carpool line!
And you college ladies……let your body detox from Starbucks this summer (switch your drinks from coffee to margaritas now).
Here at MSWB, we need your help!!
You are busy……..we are busy…..and we are all running around the hampster wheel!
We are gonna shake things up a bit with our Foodie Friday posts.
Here are some topics that we would like to see roll in this summer:
– Best frozen ice cream recipe
– Best frozen drink recipe (both kid and mom drinks)
– Pool day lunches
– Restaurant reviews or “spotlights”
– Summer meal planning
– Clean eating
– Easy grilling items
– 4th of July menu ideas
If you have another topic/post/etc that you would like to read or write about, send it on!
Don’t feel like you have to own a big DSLR camera to document your food, etc. Pull out your iphone and snap away! Let’s make this easy on all us! Also- pictures are not required…..but, they are helpful!
Ready. Set. Go!

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