Summer Cocktails…Lightened Up {Foodie Friday}

July 4, 2014

During the summertime, it is not unusual to be faced with a social situation in which a cold fruity cocktail is in order…but also something equally special for the kiddos and folks who would prefer not to partake. And while fancy recipes have their place, who has time to be slaving away over drink ingredients in the kitchen while everyone else is out having a good time? So it also has to be easy to prep.


The answer:

Crystal Light + fruit + your choice of spirits


One variation:

Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade

Cut up strawberries (fresh, or use frozen for really fast prep)




1. Make a pitcher of Raspberry Lemonade, according to the directions. (So add water and stir.)

2. Get out two plastic containers, with lids if you need to transport.

3. Place some cut up strawberries in each container. In one, for the kids, sprinkle some sugar over the strawberries and stir. Let that sit a few minutes to let some juice form.

4. In the other container, add vodka to the strawberries, and let that sit for a bit too.

5. Serve. You can do this a few ways. Either make separate pitchers of lemonade and put one of the strawberries mixtures in each of the pitchers, labeling clearly. Or, serve on an individual basis, mixing in the appropriate strawberry mixture for each person.

Seriously, you can vary this any way you like. Different flavors, different fruits, different spirits. The possibilities are endless, but your guests, all of them, will all be happy with a cool, refreshing beverage.


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