Storms of blessing {Miss April}

April 21, 2014

Who doesn’t love a promise? Well, you might not be a big fan if you’ve suffered a broken one. My Nanny used to say promises were like pie crusts. Easily made, easily broken. And sadly I suppose that’s true, at least where humans are concerned.

Sometimes, often times, we get God and His people confused. Although man was made in His image, man is not God, even if you’ve met a few men in particular who thought they were. God is a promise keeper, not a promise breaker. We forget that, and too often our perception of our Heavenly Father is skewed by our experiences with mankind and broken promises of our past.

When God makes a promise it is a covenant with our heart, and just like His promise to mankind years ago after the flood in the form of a rainbow, our promises we receive nowadays usually come to pass after the rains have pelted upon us.

This means just what it sounds like. It means we usually receive the blessing after a storm. So that gets us back to the fact that most people love promises. Most everyone loves a blessing. We’re pretty sure about the fact that the rainbow comes after the rain so with a ray of hope inside we pray, “Yes. Send your rain Lord. Pour out your refreshing!”

It’s okay. I’m not downing the act of asking for rain. I do it too. But I got to thinking about that rain. You have to admit we usually just want a little bit of rain, just enough to get us kinda wet. Then God can bless us. Yay!

Most folks don’t ask for a downpour. Nobody really wants to get soaked. And we especially don’t want a huge storm. We definitely don’t want a flood. In our muted, half-hearted prayer for rain we conveniently forget that there were forty days and nights of rain before God sent that first rainbow.

We don’t want a flood, but sometimes that’s exactly what happens in life. You see, God’s promises, His words to us and His planned blessings for our lives sometimes have to come through the conduit of a raging storm.

Whether you believe this is because of the sinful world in which we live or you feel like it is because of missteps you’ve personally taken along the way, it doesn’t matter. God’s character is unchanged by this world, the mistakes we make, or even when we completely step outside of His will.

He is always good. He is always love. His promises are always true.

I knew this in my heart as I trudged through my own storm of divorce. I knew it, but that doesn’t mean it was easy for me to see or to believe. You can know something, but still have a hard time believing it when you’re being pelted by heavy rain.

Call me optimistic, but I believe God has our best interests at heart and wants us to be happy and blessed in this life. Some decisions and actions we take along the way make that difficult to happen, but that doesn’t mean He has forgotten us or doesn’t still desire happiness for us. He does. He just may have to take us through a cleansing downpour to get us to that place. That beautiful place where His promises wait.

When you can trust in His promises for your life it might make the really hard storms a bit easier. They’ll still be tough, really challenging in fact, but His promises remain intact on the other side.

If you find yourself going through a storm at this time then I’ll encourage you to hold on. Reach out a weary hand and grab hold of His truth. Your happiness awaits.

Keep in mind that while a sprinkling is very refreshing, the most abundant blessings are usually proceeded by a massive storm.

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