Stay Focused {Tech Tuesday}

December 17, 2013

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Well, if not, then go ahead and go do that right now.  Every month we host a Picture-A-Day Challenge.  Today’s prompt is “time.”  It is up to YOU to decide how to photograph time.  Let the creative juices flow.

Now, speaking of time.  Do you ever sit down on your computer to do actual work and find yourself hours later with no work completed at all, but you do however know all the latest things on social media outlets?!

Today we have a solution for you.  So many people have this problem that Google Chrome has developed this system that allows you only a certain time period on the “time-wasting” websites.  After your limit has been reached, you can no longer access those sites that day.

Therefore, forcing you to work.


Check it out. It might save your job, or your exams!

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