Receiving Generosity

May 21, 2015

When I think of generosity, I usually imagine myself on the giving side, but if I am being honest, so often I find myself on the receiving side. Although most people expect nothing in return for their generosity, they do appreciate seeing your gratitude for their kindness. We all know that we should write thank you notes for gifts (especially wedding gifts), but we should not limit the occasions where we thank others. Any time that someone helps you or gives you their time or advice, it is a nice gesture to send a thank you note.

Your notes do not have to be elaborate or formal. People just like to know that their actions were appreciated.

A simple format for writing thank you notes can be useful.

  • Start with your greeting (Dear Susie).
  • In a sentence thank them for whatever they have given or helped you with.
  • In the next sentence or two, write about why you appreciated it.
  • End with something personal such as when you’ll be seeing them again or warm wishes for something that they are about to do.
  • Use a closing such as sincerely or love. When in doubt, sincerely is always appropriate.
  • Sign your name.

Some people seem to think that writing thank you notes is difficult, but that could not be farther than the truth. Mostly, they just require the discipline to sit down and write them.


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