Preparing to Launch Mississippi Women Bloggers

April 30, 2013

Hello to the women bloggers of my home state of  Mississippi! Wow, that makes my heart happy to say that.

The Park Wife here, owner of The Women Bloggers.  About four years ago, I started a little place on the Internet for bloggers of Arkansas, where I live. It has been AMAZING. More than 390 women bloggers from all walks of life are members of the Arkansas Women Bloggers community, which aims to gather, grow and connect women and help them find their voices and tell their stories. These ladies have become my SEO/tech goddesses, fashion/style gurus, parenting advisers, and well, most of all, friends.

The Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged (#AWBU) conference launched as a novel concept in late 2010. The 2012 conference drew 75 attendees from across Arkansas, as well as, representatives from Missouri and Oklahoma. You can check out the beauty of it all by clicking here for a retrospective of the conference.

Speaking of Oklahoma, in January of this year the Okie’s got on board with our state-focused women blogger group concept. They had 69 active bloggers join in the first month and are having a blast meeting each other and plan on gathering in person soon. And, then came Kansas. Kansas launched on April 1st of this year, that is not joke, and the ladies of this state are excited and joining this awesome opportunity. THEN, watch out, TEXAS is now a part of the fabulousness. They are rockin’ the Texas blog world. Oh there is more, your neighbor Alabama just launched a few weeks ago.

So, go be a part of the fabulousness, it is FREE! Hop over here and fill out our form and voilà (I am fancy sometimes), welcome to the gathering place to make friends with other Mississippi Women Bloggers, share stories and experiences,and be inspired!

My goal is to keep all these groups state-focused so true, close friendships with your neighbors can form. I hope one day soon that you gals will be gathering for a conference in Mississippi. It will be inspirational and possibly life-changing.

I am always here to help and guide you, and look forward to “meeting” you here at Mississippi Women Bloggers.

Hop over to the “Meet the MSWB Gals” page and meet the extraordinarily fabulous Megan Johnson from ‘Tis So Sweet . She is going to help gather you lovely ladies and build this encouraging place.

Blessings friends,
Stephanie, aka The Park Wife

Debbie May 4, 2013 at 1:45 pm

So excited to see you spreading the joy!

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