Poshmark {Tech Tuesday}

July 30, 2013


Women love purses, that’s no surprise.  Women love shopping.  That’s no surprise either.  So what if there was a way to sit at home, or in the car, or on your lunch break, etc. and shop for your favorite brand of purse.  A beautiful Louis Vuitton… a to die for Michael Kors… or a Prada. 

I’ve got your attention now don’t I?  Well… in you haven’t heard of Poshmark, then now is the time. 

Poshmark allows you to browse through sellers things, such as purses, clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.  You can even start selling some of your own things to make some extra money! 

Poshmark also has “parties” that you can join to see more specific items!  And the best part, there is a flat shipping fee so you don’t have to guess what that will cost you on top of the sale price.

I love searching around Poshmark.  There are some good deals if you take the chance to browse around.  So, what are you waiting for? Get to your app store and download Poshmark and start shopping!


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