Sunday Southern Hospitality {a Linkup}

January 31, 2016


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Teach Your Child About Bullying {Post Showcase}

January 28, 2016

Today, we are showcasing a post by Alison Buehler from her blog at Homestead News.. Teach Your Child About Bullying I pretty much have one rule in my house: Be Kind. I honestly don’t even care if my children get awesome grades or are super athletes. I really don’t have inflated ambitions for their futures […]

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HGTV and Renegades in Jones County {My Mississippi Home}

January 12, 2016

Folks in the Jones County area know that some big things are coming to Jones County in the very near future. For the rest of the world (and perhaps the state) who haven’t been paying attention to this little corner of Mississippi, I’ll fill you in. First of all, Laurelites Ben and Erin Napier will […]

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Journey Recap

June 25, 2015

June and our month of talking about Journey is coming to an end. It has been such an honor to share here every week. This month I have talked a lot about travel because that is what comes to mind first when you hear the word Journey. This month I… Introduced myself and my family […]

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Summer at the Gulf Coast

June 24, 2015
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Top Tips for Journeys with Kids

June 18, 2015

Being a mama of two family travel has become a way of life. My husband and I loved to travel before we had kids and were determined not to let their arrival limit our travels. Children certainly change travel and we are much more plan-ful now than when we were newlyweds. Kids tend to be […]

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To Fly or To Drive? That is the Question.

June 17, 2015

Fly or drive? Often when planning a trip, the journey there is the trickiest part to figure out. If you are on the fence about whether to fly or drive somewhere, here are some things to think about while you decide. 8 Things to Consider 1. Price Driving is almost always the cheapest option. The […]

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5 Quotes to Inspire Your Journey

June 11, 2015

Today I want to offer a little inspiration for whatever journey you are on. It might be a traditionally defined travel type journey or something else. Whatever your journey, here are some quotes I find inspirational. Pin them, print them, hang them where you can see them and feel inspired. 5 Quotes to Inspire Your […]

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