Ovinaphobia {Phobias}

October 17, 2013

I have heard of quite a few strange phobias, but when it comes to the crazy cake, I take the icing with Ovinaphobia. Ovinaphobia is the complete irrational fear of sheep.

Blacksheep-posterIt all started in 2006 when “Black Sheep” was released. I was 14 and had a very cruel older cousin. This is the same cousin who forced me to watch “Chucky” and “IT” at the age of 8, which would explain my fear of clowns, but that is another story for another day. Looking back, “Black Sheep” was a terrible movie, but creepy nonetheless. It is about sheep farmer who injects sheep with his family DNA and create mutant sheep. If the sheep bit someone, they were turned into weresheep for a lack of a better word. Only two people survive and you can’t even be sure they survive. At the end of the movie all you see is an Old English Sheepdog bleeting like a sheep. Creepy ending.

Fast forward three years to my freshman year of college. I was in an Intro to Animal and Dairy Science lab. This hands on lab consisted of wrangling sheep. When it was my turn to participate, I told the professor she could just give me a zero because I could not touch a sheep. I meant no disrespect to her but his beady eyes were just freaking me out. The following class day, we were examining different breeds of sheep’s wool. When the wool was passed to me, all I could picture was the scene in “Black Sheep” where someone dressed up in a sheep skin to scare his brother. It was a terrible experience.

The next year in Livestock Evaluation, we had to actually touch sheep to evaluate and measure muscle mass and fat content. I actually threw up and left class the first time this occurred. We spent three weeks alone on sheep. I do not know how I survived that class.

I know this is an irrational fear and a sheep would probably never hurt me, but every single time I see one with it’s beady, soul sucking, eyes, I die a little inside.

PicsArt_1380938203252I am a 22 year old pet stylist and home cook. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Animal and Dairy Science from MSU. To follow my journey, you can follow my blog and thegroomingchef.blogspot.com.

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