New Year, New Planners!

January 6, 2015

Happy 2015 Ladies!

I love the start of a New Year.

This is your do-over.

This is your fresh start.

Your clean slate.

This year is going to be what you make it.

I ALWAYS start a new year off with a new planner.


Everyone starts off the year with goals and hopes and dreams! Some of us type it into our iPhone calendar and notes app and our whole world is wrapped up in our phone. Other of us write in a color-coded system complete with washi tape and realize that our life is caught in between the pages of a spiral notebook.

To each their own. There’s no “write” or wrong just as long you are not late for your appointments. (get it….”write”….as in the planner)

10 planner tips


In case you are a paper planner person like me, here are some of my favorite options to share:

  • Erin Condren

Listen. This woman LOVES her products…….but, they are good. Like REAL good. This planner cost $75 before shipping!

Here is my planner for 2015:



You can purchase the EC planner here

  • May Books

I have just about every May Book they have offered.

My collection includes the baby book, budget book, line book and planner.

I just love them.


You can order your May Book here

  • Lily Pulitzer

That Lily is something else. She brings it with the bright colors and a good price of only $28.

lily pulitzer


You can purchase the Lilly Pulitzer planner here

  • Kate Spade

She designs a pretty awesome planner that is for a great price of $36.

Take that Erin Condren!


kate spade


You can purchase this Kate Spade planner here

  • Mom Agenda

One of my favorite planner companies is Mom Agenda. They are fab and classy! And compare in price at $43.00

mom agenda


You can order your Mom Agenda here

 Here’s to you color coding your life in 2015.

 May the sharpies and highlighters be in your favor!

Follow Meg over at Meg the Mama as she color codes her 2015 life. Also- follow her on Pinterest!

Tricia Vaughn January 6, 2015 at 12:39 pm

I love the new year because I get to use my new planner as well. I use the Erin Condren Life Planner and have for the past 3 years! I LOVE this PLANNER!!! I not only keep up with my race calendar but my family calendar and also use it as a daily log of things that happened. I have gone back to this year after year when I needed to know when the last time something happened. It just keeps my very hectic life somewhat organized! 🙂

Jessica Thornton January 7, 2015 at 12:06 pm

LOVE!!!! I used the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley last year, and this year, I’m using a one!

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