Networking {Tech Tuesday}

November 19, 2013


Today let’s talk about how you truly connect with your readers – by Networking.

Maintaining your readers is very important when blogging. You want to make sure you always write blogs with quality content.  Remember, quality wins over quantity.  People would rather read a good post 2-3 times a week rather than a silly string of posts every single day.

Allowing yourself to network will vastly increase your blog’s traffic.  If you can, set an amount of time a week or day to just network.  There are various ways you can accomplish this:

  • Find your niche in the blogging world.
  • Link up to similar blogs.
  • Spend time commenting on other blogs you enjoy.
  • Participate in link parties.
  • Connect your social media outlets to your blog.
  • Promote your blog as well as others you enjoy!

Also, don’t be scared to link sources that you might feel are “out” of your range.  Just because you see them as a celebrity of some type, be sure and tweet them and let them know you posted about them.  You never know when you might actually get a tweet back!

So, how do you network? By a schedule or at random? We would love to hear!

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