My Favorite Tradition {Miss December}

December 27, 2013

I’m so excited to finally share my favorite tradition of the Holiday season. For the past five years, my family has held an annual Ginger Bread House Competition. Each year the rules are different & the teams are different. Some years we have themes, some years we don’t. Before I show you this year, I’d thought for ole times sake, I’d show you years past.
First up. 2009.
^my brothers stone house. The Winners.
^my sister’s and her husband log cabin
^Mine and husbands wedding chapel. (should have won. duh.)
2010. We did the same teams. We did no theme. Just whatever we wanted to do. & it was epic.
^My brothers did a castle.
^My sister and her husband did a beach house. The winner.
^husband and I did a christmas house WITH Christmas lights made out of fruity pebbles. The time it took to string those suckers. Yeah, we should have won.
2011. Same teams. No theme.
^and for the life of me, I can’t find individual pictures of the houses from that year. My brothers did a Christmas House. My other brother and his girl friend did the same. Husband and I did the Memphis Zoo. & my sister and her husband did a Football stadium. And FINALLY husband and I won. I mean, we had the Big M entrance, the animals statues outside & the huge log cabin that’s in the zoo. It rocked
2012. We mixed things up. We drew themes from a hat.
^my brother and his girl friend drew the Nativity.
^my sister and husband drew “The Shire” (from Lord of the Rings). You can’t see the little hobbit mounds. They were adorable.
^My brother drew Dr. Suess. They nailed it with all its wonkyness, and they won.
^Husband and I drew National Lampoon Christmas Vacation. We did the house with a million lights, the RV, the tree busting out the house & uncle Eddie in this gross outfit.
2013. We did boys vs. girls. One theme- WALKING DEAD. Now, in years past, all ingredients used had to be edible. Well this year, we forgot to mention that rule again, so the boys ran wild with their ingredients. Us girls stuck to edible. Everything we used was completely edible. The boys… was not.

^The girls. Hershel’s barn with zombies, the RV, the tents, and Hershel’s house. We had Daryl with a Bow, Rick and Hershel were also made out of gingerbread men. Little Zombies & blood were everywhere.

^ The boys did Woodberry. Lego’s, Toy cars, fire starter. Yeah, they went all out. And the won. And it was aaaaaamazing.

If you don’t have this tradition, I urge you to start it. We have so much fun every year. Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with me. To see more of this years houses head over to my blog!

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