#MSWBSTAYCATION IDEAS {Miss June, Staycation}

June 9, 2014

Another summer weekend has passed us! What did you do? Did you come up with any staycation plans or ideas for you and your family? I do believe if we don’t plan, it will pass us by and not nearly enough fun will be had! This weekend I opted for friend time and cheap movie outing staycation ideas. I invited a friend to stay the weekend with me and we saw The Fault in Our Stars (bring a box of tissue!) and Maleficent, both matinees and cheaper than full price! I also spent the whole week jotting down ideas that came to me for a summer staycation to-do list of sorts. Help us add to the! Take pictures of the ones you accomplish that are on this list or that you add to your personal. I think we should hastag our summer stacation project, don’t you?? #mswbstaycation

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  • build a fire pit
  • create an outdoor seating area
  • host a smores party
  • watch a movie in your backyard
  • binge watch a netflix show in your pjs on purpose
  • host a themed party (Harry Potter’s birthday is in July, just saying!)
  • know the cheap movie day in your town, and go!
  • start a dinner club (make a list of local restaurants you haven’t eaten at and go as much as your budget allows, once a week, every other week, etc)
  • visit your local farmers’ market weekly and meal plan around it
  • cook/bake/make your way through a cookbook and share with your neighbors
  • buy and/or use an ice cream maker (weekly?)
  • grill something once a week
  • try the scariest flavors of milkshakes on the Sonic menu, preferably after 8pm since they are half price
  • make homemade popsicles
  • grow something (I haven’t killed the herbs I got for my birthday yet!)
  • keep your local snowball stand in business
  • acquire white linen pants (I’ve been trying to do this for two summers!)
  • camp in your own backyard
  • family/friend game night
  • do things that involve water, make friends with someone who has a pool, or buy a cheap kiddie pool! (one for he kids, and one each for the adult, fill with water and lay out in that thing!)
  • add fruit to your water and peaches to you tea
  • can something
  • make your grandmother’s potato salad
  • catch fireflies
  • star gaze

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