More blogging tips {Tech Tuesday}

April 15, 2014


Blogging is a constantly changing community with various categories to fit in.  Some like to be called mommy blogs, lifestyle blogs, food blogs, humor blogs, wedding blogs, etc.  You get the point.  But with ALL blogs, one constant remains.



Everyone is trying to make their blog the best it can be.  Today, a few more blogging tips/tricks to keep in mind.

1. Try to stay organized in your blog.  Some use a separate planner or their phone’s calendar to schedule post ahead of time.  The amount of time you put into a post, shows.  So give yourself ample time.

2. Along, with #1, try to stay committed.  If you consider yourself a certain blog type and want to grow your readers, then try to stay on topic.  If you are considered a lifestyle blogger, even something you may try is doing a certain link up every week.   This gives your readers something to look for in your blog.  And it helps with having a blog post when it’s one of those weeks you can’t think of any new good material.

3. Social media is your best friend.  USE IT.  Connect with readers, comment, respond, etc.  Interaction will get your far in the blogging world.

4. Blog look.  No one wants to see a cluttered screen.  Get a simple look and brand yourself by it.  This includes your Facebook page, twitter, etc.

5. Have fun! Never lose sight of the real reason you started blogging.  And remember, sometimes taking a break from blogging is important.  You have to LIVE a life to have something to blog about later!

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