Meet the MSWB Gals

Jessica Thornton

~Born & Raised~

  • Born: Jackson, MS
  • Raised:  Follow me – Jackson to Gulfport back to Jackson to Southaven to Clinton!
  • Lineage:  I don’t know, really. My Granny told me once that we were Irish and German, so let’s start there!  Jessica Thornton
  • Educated:  Mississippi College, Communications
  • Hubs:  Jordan – my best friend, my love, the one who keeps me laughing! We’ve been together for over 6 years and married for two in August!
  • Responsible for:  my day job, my blog, half of the housework, being a big sister, and making people laugh.
  • Day job:  I work at a computer, on a desk, for a state agency!
  • Blog:  Meet the Magnolias
  • Other passions:  Reading, watching tv, shopping, loving my dachshund, and eating good food.
  • Favorite authors/books:  So hard to choose! One of my favorites is Jenny Han and her Summer trilogy! I love teen fiction.
  • Favorite blogs:  Too many to name! Follow me on Bloglovin’ to check out the list!
  • Dream vacay:  Disney Disney Disney! Or the beach.
  • On the Twitter:  @jesstinybird
  • Where else to find me:  Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and yes, even MySpace! (I’m on just about every social network ever…except LinkedIn because I feel like it’s too serious!)




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