Meet Miss June: Grow-Up Summers {Miss June: Staycation}

June 2, 2014

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Oh summer. Even though I’ve never loved being hot or sweating, I sure did love summer as a kid and college student. The anticipation of a break, something to count down to, the whole summer vacation feeling, it was beautiful! As adults, whether working or not, I’d venture to say most of us don’t have summers “off” anymore. Whether we have them off for work or not, adult life doesn’t really have an “off” season. If we don’t try to make summer special, it will pass by with no magical moments or memories!

Some of you have already been vacation (I’ve seen your pictures!). Some of you might have a vacation you’re counting down the days to. Some of you may be in the boat I’m in… I started a new job three weeks ago. I had over 100 hours of accrued vacation time at my former job. I could be sad about starting over in the collecting vacation days game at the beginning of summer, but I’m not! I’m excited about making summer magical regardless of having weeks and days off or not.


Let’s staycation together all summer okay?? I think the key to having a magical summer is having a plan. I’m not a spontaneous person. I like a plan. So I know the idea of making a plan to some of your more spontaneous souls might seem stifling, but your plan doesn’t have to be as detailed as my fellow planner girls will make theirs. Whether you make a list with your people in a planner, write down fun ideas and put them in a jar to draw from, or have a themed day for every day of the week, PLAN! Can we take this first week of the first officially summer month and share our ideas with each other?

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My ideas are to schedule you time, not the typical physical pampering kind, but the soul pampering kind. Once a week or once every other week, get out of your house, take your books, your Bible, and a journal, go to the library, go to Starbucks, and have intentional soul pampering time! Loving your life starts from the depths of your soul, not from the things you can add to it. So before adding anything, pamper your soul. I also love the idea of themed days! Doing a whole week of themed days while working is slightly stressful to me. So I think I’ll pick two – Fresh Finds Tuesday and Friendly Friday. For Fresh Finds Tuesday I’ll be at my local farmers market every Tuesday evening. For Friendly Friday I’ll either schedule in person hang out time with a friend or call a friend that I don’t get to live close to anymore. Now it’s your turn, share your ideas!


Jessica Thornton June 2, 2014 at 8:52 am

Love this post! We’re not in the financial place to take vacations, so staycations are right up our alley!

Kasia June 2, 2014 at 9:11 am

I also thought about implanting “Milkshake Monday” since shakes are half price at sonic during the summer! But, I think if rather partake of shakes with friends.

Kasia June 2, 2014 at 9:36 am

Implementing… Not implanting haha.

Anna Prestwood June 4, 2014 at 5:29 pm

Since we put in a pool late last summer, we’re using vacation time to lounge at the house and enjoy. Also saving for a Disney Trip for next year!

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