Meet Kayla {Miss June}

June 3, 2013

Mississippi is my home.  And while I sometimes wish I lived in another place, I truly can’t imagine not having this as my home.

I’m Kayla, born and raised in Corinth, MS.  I grew up in a loving home with both of my parents.   I have loved being their daughter.  Both of my parents are amazing people who shaped me into who I am.  I have two brothers who are both married with kids so I am blessed to be called an “aunt” by some of the most precious angels.

My brothers and I as kids.

My mom and dad have always provided a life for me that let me test the boundaries and really learn who I was as a person, all while still being the strong, protective parents to look up to.

I had a wonderful childhood filled with love and support.  I went to school and found a group of friends that I still hold dear to my heart to this day.  After I attended college at the University of Mississippi, I moved back to my hometown and bought a house of my own.

This coming October will be five years since I entered into “home ownership” and while sometimes it has been hard, it has definitely been rewarding.  I’ve learned more about how to “budget” and taught myself how to use a few tools around the house for small projects.

I have two dogs, Reagan and Roxie, who keep the place entertaining.  They are my little world and truly make this house a home.

One of the most exciting things about my life currently is that on October 12 of this year, I will become a Mrs. White.  I am so blessed and thankful to God each and every day that He allowed such a blessing like Brian to walk into my life.  He truly is the best part of my days and help bring out the positive side of me that I forget to acknowledge on my own.

Brian & myself, 2012

In my spare time, I like to do crafts, read, or find new places to eat.  Blogging is also a big part of my life.  You can find me over at Keeping Up With Kayla.  I’m very much an outdoors person and love to travel.  I’m very excited about this month’s theme and looking forward to touching on that in coming posts.

Well, that’s a little about me.  Until next time, my MS girls..

Brie Gowen June 3, 2013 at 2:51 pm

Thanks for sharing Kayla. Nice to meet you.

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