Meet Jenny Mac {Miss March}

March 3, 2014

Well, hello there!

I’m Jenny Mac, I blog over at Crumbs Under the Table, and recently, someone decided it would be a good idea for me help out here at MSWB, which I am both humbled and excited to do.

Since I’m also the blogger of the month for March, you will have an opportunity to get to know me better over the next month or so.

A few things, though.

Here’s the fam:


My bio over there in the sidebar says that I dislike revolving doors. That’s no joke. I wrote about it here.

And yes, I am a huge college football fan. I’m one of those obnoxious people that sometimes clogs up your Facebook and Twitter feed with football comments on Saturdays (and some Thursdays, depending on who is playing) during the fall months. I’m so sorry. I really do try to restrain myself, but some things just have to be expressed. (Feel free to hide me from your timeline.)

And God. (I saved the most important for last, which you will come to learn is pretty much my norm.) God has done big things for me, and for others I know, and sometimes I share those experiences.

About MSWB…

Community is important to me and, despite what some would have you believe, my experiences tell me that it is entirely possible and incredibly fulfilling to find community in venues like this, across the miles and the words and the bandwidth. Technology is a wonderful thing when used in the right way.

That’s what I want for all of us here at Mississippi Women Bloggers. I have lots of ideas for MSWB and I will share those with you over the coming weeks. But here’s the thing: I’m equally excited to hear your ideas. So, sometime in the next week or two, you MSWB girls should expect an email from me containing a survey. If my questions don’t address ideas and concerns of yours, please feel free to add as many comments and questions as you would like. (Feel free to do that anyway. I can be reached at any time here at MSWB at

And if you are a blogger, a woman, and a Mississippian, but you aren’t registered with us, please do. Southern hospitality is not JUST about rocking chairs on porches and casseroles. We are here for you.

Mind you, in person, I’m somewhat of an introvert. That’s why I’m a writer, not a speaker. You know that Brad Paisley song, “So Much Cooler Online”? Pretty sure that’s about me. So bear with me. I’m in the process, however, of reaching out to all of you MSWB bloggers via social media. I can be found at various places, just check the little black buttons at the top of the sidebar on Crumbs Under the Table.

See you soon!








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Kayla @ Mississippi Mrs. March 3, 2014 at 11:38 am

I’m so happy to have you with us now!

Megan March 3, 2014 at 11:24 pm

Such a relief to leave the site to you! I can’t wait to see what you have in store! And I’ll be there! 🙂

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