Meal Planning {Foodie Friday}

June 6, 2014

Ladies, I’m due to give birth any minute now.

And I’m as ready as I’ll ever be for it.

Lucky for me, my dear sweet mom will be on an extended Granna “vacation” at my house. We are both excited for this! One of my mom’s love languages is “acts of service”. Her caring heart loves to do for others. And we are grateful!

Mom will be cooking, doing light cleaning and more importantly……..rocking my sweet baby! She is more excited about rocking vs. sweeping!

To help her out, I have menu planned for the month of June and I have stocked the fridge. In case you need some assistance on menu planning……..I thought my list may give you some assistance as you look at a blank calendar for the month of June.

Most of these recipes are on my Pinterest Board. Others are in my head, or they are family recipes. I’m happy to share on all accounts! (BTW: this menu plan isn’t in the order of which we will eat it. I don’t want you thinking that we have a week of chicken going on here and it’s not everything that I have written in my planner!)

You can find me on Pinterest here: @megwjones

Chicken Spaghetti with salad, bread and banana pudding.

Chicken Fajitas

Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans

– Fried porkchops with mac-n-cheese and asparagus

– Fish Tacos with coleslaw

– OMG! Chicken  (it’s featured on my blog today!)

– Taco Pizza

Baked Ravioli with salad

-Panini ham and cheese sandwiches

– Grilled burgers with sweet potatoe fries

– Chicken enchiladas with salad

– Red beans and rice with garlic bread

– Grilled pork chops with summer veggies

Ladies! I hope these recipes give you some inspiration before you head out to the grocery store! If you need other recipes, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to reply back……..that is…….if I’m not in labor. In that case, you can simply take to Pinterest! J

Happy Friday!

Meg the Mama


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