March 4, 2015

March is a time for things of green, St Patrick’s day, the luck of the Irish. But what is luck? Is it winning at the poker table, getting a good parking spot at the grocery store, or getting a clean bill of health at the last checkup? Many believe in it, many say they don’t. But even those who say they don’t and mean it, will also say at some point, “That’s a bit of bad luck”.

Luck is something we don’t understand. We envy others’ good luck. We harbor superstitions to avoid the bad. We think we have no control of it. Maybe we don’t. Is luck something uncontrollable? Is it based on moon signs at our birth, or hexes by black cats, or is it affected by walking under ladders? Can that pinch of salt over your shoulder appease some kind of bad luck from attacking when you least expect it?

Let’s explore our luck together. Are we the captains of our own destiny or is there some thing else at the helm steering us into fair or choppy waters?


Making the Most of Your Square Inch

Renee Young March 5, 2015 at 8:44 am

Hey Jenn! Great to have you as the March Blogger of the Month! 🙂 Can’t wait to explore your blog.

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