Luck Brought on by Hard Work

March 19, 2015

Most of us contemplate some ones “lucky break”. The singer who was heard at an open mic night by a producer, the dancer who caught the eye of a choreographer, the scientist who spilled two chemicals together only to learn they created a scientific break through.

The secret truth? The “lucky breaks” were helped or even the cause of hard work. That singer practiced for years in their room and has attended 30 open mic nights. The same for the dancer. The scientist spent hundreds of hours in the lab. Those 2 chemicals were out for the next experiment, so the scientific break through was a few weeks away from discovery with out the accident.

Do you yearn for your lucky break? I know I do. I often compare myself to others whose ships that have come in. But I have to remind myself that the ship came in because they did the work to build the dock first. I remind myself again when I don’t feel like working at my dreams that luck will not smile upon the lazy. Luck can and often will, help us along our way but often that luck can be a curse if we don’t do the prep work first.

Are you wishing for some good luck? Have you taken steps toward it? Or are you waiting for a miracle?

Luck is not chance, it’s toil; fortune’s expensive smile is earned.

-Emily Dickinson


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