Local Flavor: Tips for Capturing Your Hometown {Miss August}

August 4, 2014

Each of you represent a different, unique and local flavor of Mississippi.  I would love to meet each of you and get to know you and your story…maybe it won’t happen in-person…maybe it will.  Maybe it will just be by you commenting below and letting me see your blog and your story of what you do.

With that said…I want to see your local flavor of where you live and the flavor of your blogging…meaning are you a foodie, diy blog or a mom who loves to brag and blog about what she’s passionate about…so comment and post for me!  Lets connect and be active!

I am a photographer in South Mississippi and on my blog you’ll find two things I’m passionate about… photography and teaching…and then a little bit of our simple life interspersed in the mix of it.  What I want to do as guest blogger of the month is give you some of my passions…teaching you how to better take your blog pictures with just a few tips and tricks.  We all know a picture is worth 1000 words and more sometimes.  So if you can step up your photography on your blog it will be more appealing and interesting.

Lets get started.  This week a few photography tips when taking pictures…either with a fancy camera or a smart phone these tips apply!

Photography Tips:

1. Filling the Frame simply means to get rid of distractions in your image.

These distractions creep in…and most of the time they creep in from one of the four corners…almost always this is where photographers don’t look and don’t see the distraction.  A beautiful image is composed well—watch those four corners!  Ask yourself is this part of the story I’m telling?  Simply looking at what is in your image and accessing it will do wonders. I can’t tell you how many images I’ve seen where someone is in the image and a trashcan is right behind them…or if you had simply taken one step in closer to the subject you could have gotten rid of parking lot to the right.  I don’t know just envision what I’m saying here and stay with me!

Photography Tips and Tricks_061

As an example here in this image,  I took a picture of this cathedral in San Antonio looking straight on.  I love the feel of this shot giving it a bold look.  Although the one thing I don’t like is on the right side of the image on the left, another building is creeping in…that is causing a distraction.  So by simply changing my angle I got rid of the distraction and created a much more interesting image with a different view point/angle.


2. For better lighting- simply have your subject facing the light source and you take the picture with your back to the light source.

So if you are taking a picture of food for your blog…put your back to the window and the food facing the window…wa-lah much better already!

Photography Tips and Tricks_062

A picture example from a Photography Workshop I taught.  My workshop attendee was so gracious to model!  I hope right off the bat you can tell which image has better lighting.  So my subject is a person.  On the left SHE was looking at the light source which was outside light from a window…my back was to the source.  The second image on the right she has her back to the light source and I am facing the light source.

Blogging Tip of the Day:

Link Link Link.  If you are going to mention another business, another blog, another resource, another book another ingredient find it on the world wide web and link that.  That’s called “Google juice” and Google likes it and so do your blog readers!!!!

For more photography tips you can follow my weekly blog post – Two Tip Tuesday – and glean more!

I hope this was a help to you and bettering YOUR blogs!  Let me hear from you…and if this article helped you pass it onto another blogger!


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