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August 18, 2014

The last couple of weeks I have jumped right into giving you all tips and a few tricks I have found on blogging as well as some photography tips.

I hope those have helped you and been a benefit towards you and your blogs.

This week I thought about writing a bit more on the Local Flavor topic but adding in a bit of social media ideas.

In return for my social media ideas I’d love to hear yours…so please comment on the blog post and we’ll get a conversation going!!

Lets face it…we are all bloggers. Either for a business, for personal life, for a niche we are interested in etc. We are all bloggers. That is what has brought us here together. That is our common interest. Right?

1. We want people to follow our blogs.

Usually we are blogging about something we are passionate about and we want to attract others who are passionate about the same things. So a few ideas in getting more true fan followers.

POST CONTENT. Start by making it a goal to post good quality content at least once a week. Then the other 2-3 posts that week could be an “average” post of a good recipe…for me a photography session I shot…maybe a personal post. Sharing content will increase your traffic.

2. Pinterest

Get active on Pinterest. Follow others and for the most part…pin pins that are related to your niche blog. You will be surprised at the following you create! You will begin to get a lot of followers and then when you pin your blog posts/pictures/articles you have a large following that is going to read it and re-pin it! Only creating you a buzz of a word of mouth!

3. Be conversational

If you are inquiring and commenting on others blogs you are creating a conversation. This is what it’s all about, encouraging others and becoming “blog friends”. So find a handful of blogs you love and begin to comment on their content. Not just a generic comment but a genuine comment. This will in turn create more followers for YOU. As others will see your blog links and jump over and get hooked!!

I hope those are a few tips that are just easy jump-starters for some of you to be encouraged to keep on keeping on in a lonely blogging world–somedays that’s what it feels like!

In the meantime of “local flavor” my husband and I had a little “dinner party” with some friends last night…I was one happy lady…getting to use my new cloth napkins (which I am a sucker for cloth napkins…oh my word!!!) and a new game- Qwirkle!! We enjoyed our local friends…and had a good night of just being away from technology and hanging out with real friends…real conversations…real laughs and good memories!

I hope your weekends were filled with great memories.

On the last note…my husband and I are celebrating our FIRST wedding anniversary in two weekends…we want to go someone relatively close…relaxing…yet has a few things we can do. SOooooo I’m off to comb the internet…but if you friends have any Mississippi ideas please give me a shout! A bed and breakfast or a quaint town…please let me know!!!



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