List-a-holic {Tech Tuesday}

July 9, 2013

Hey ladies!  I’m Kayla, and I blog at Keeping Up With Kayla.  Now, how many of you like lists?  I am going to guess a big part of today’s population depends on a “list” of some type.

Some use a good old-fashioned piece of paper, some use the “notes” section of their phone, and some people just plain use their brain.  I do not fall into that category – just saying! 🙂

But what if you had somewhere you could keep ALL your lists in one place and it always be with you??!

Let me introduce you to the fabulous app, Wunderlist.

My friend, Cassie, introduced me to the app and I can’t thank her enough. I have several lists on there: Work related, Wedding, Shopping List, Blog, Dogs, and Private.  You can make any type of list you want and have them all in one handy spot.

I can’t thank Cassie enough for showing it to me.  I have a gazillion things running through my mind these days with the upcoming wedding, so it is nice to be able to reach for my phone and record that thought while it’s fresh on my mind!

Do you like lists? You will love this app. Go get it now.



Lauren July 9, 2013 at 8:17 pm

I’m addicted to lists! Thank you so much!

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