Life Lately {Miss June; Staycation}

June 16, 2014

Staycation = fun, right? So today, I suggest that we have take a little break from our to-do lists and have a little fun! I happened upon this idea blog hopping, as we all so often do. I clicked here, which led me to here, which led me to the original here! I think this would be a fun way for us to get to know one another better AND have a postive perspective on all the things happening in our lives.

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​So far this summer I’ve been…

Making: A whole lot of sweet tea and lemonade. I’m selling beverages every Tuesday at my local farmers’ market.

Cooking: Bread pudding! I came up with two summer varieties this weekend.

Drinking: Water with fruit or mint leaves in it. So refreshing and I drink so much more.

Reading: I just finished the first book in a new fiction series I’m starting, Wicked Lovely. Non-fiction reading Ruth with She Reads Truth, A Million Little Ways with the non-profit women’s ministry team part of, and Restless: Because You Were Made for More with my Influence Network community group.

Wanting: A tulle tutu skirt from Space 46 Boutique SO bad!

Looking: For white sandals! I’ve been wanting a pair for two summers.

Playing: With makeup. I won a giveaway from Ipsy and got so many new pretty things to play with!

Wasting: Too much money! Moving comes with so many costs.

Sewing: Sadly, nothing. Eager for someone to teach me to sew mason jar koozies though.

Wishing: Relationships weren’t so complicated! How do you know? You know?!

Enjoying: So You Think You Can Dance, always one of the highlights of summer! The passion people who have been dancing their whole lives have always brings tears.

Waiting: For my future husband. One day my prince will come. I still believe he’s out there!

Liking: My new job! Still in the learning/training phases, but able to see my purpose and that every student matters here.


Loving: My church family fiercely! I want to find creative ways to show them how much they mean to me.


Marvelling: At God’s purposefulness. So encouraged and challenged my the message on Sunday that with God, nothing is wasted. No circumstance, no trial, no season of waiting, He uses it all for our good and His glory.

Needing: To work out. The struggle is really real! I hate it, but need it.

Smelling: Like Forever Sunshine! My favorite discontinued Bath and Body Works scent was brought back for the semi-annual sale. It somehow perfectly smells like the end of summer right before it’s about to be fall.

Wearing: My Sanuk Yoga Slings almost everyday. It’s like walking on a cloud!

Following: Lots of Weight Watchers family instagrammers! An encouraging community.

Noticing: Plants. My summer roommate has a green thumb! I’ve been more aware of plants and their needs and am intrigued to learn at least some basics so I can not kill my new herbs!

Knowing: That I have wonderful God-given friends! A year ago I was terrified that in a year my best friend would probably be moving. I’m still sad she’s moving, but I have so many new, real, deep, wonderful, life-giving, everyday, can talk about the hard stuff friends.

Thinking: About kids names. Other single girls who don’t have kids or a husband to have kids do this too right?? I’m currently on a kick where I want to incorporate a Beatles-esque name and something in honor of my dad in each one of my kids names.

Feeling: A little sad, but thankful. Father’s Day is always rough for me. This was my second one with out him. I’m thankful for the memories and that I still miss him.

Bookmarking: Bed spreads and outdoor fun backyard makeover ideas.

Opening: Amazon packages. See above about wasting money… Amazon prime free two day shipping is WAY too convenient when I realize I “need” something.

Giggling: Every single time I watch an episode of the British comedy Miranda.

Remembering: All the wonderful things God has done in my life like using a major loss to bring me back to Him, putting amazing women in my life who have mentored me and wonderful girls I’ve been able to mentor, and giving me a Biblical community that is so beautiful, real, messy, and life-giving.


Here is a blank list for you to copy and paste and post on your blog! Link us to your link in the comments section. Also, I tend to be a little wordy! See above links for more concise answer examples haha. You can also shorten your list or add any extras you’d like! 🙂































Mandy June 19, 2014 at 6:05 pm

This was a lot of fun. Posted on on my blog here
Thank you for sharing Kasia!

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