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December 30, 2014

Good Morning Ladies!

I’ve been wanting to announce something for a while now, but wanted to get the details worked out before we went all in with this idea.  It is my honor to invite you to our very first Mississippi Women Bloggers Meet-Up!  It’s not going to be anything too fancy since it’s our first attempt, but I can guarantee that you’ll meet some wonderful bloggers who understand the life you lead and why you choose to blog.  We want to use this time to learn more about YOU and to hear what you have to say about the direction of Mississippi Women Bloggers.  We want this to be a community to provides what you need in the world of blogging and friendship.  I hope you’ll join us in Jackson, MS on Saturday, January 31st to Gather with other bloggers like yourself, to Grow your blogging platform by asking questions and allowing us the opportunity to answer those questions or find the answers for you, and to Connect with those you meet so you leave with new blogs to follow and new friendships moving forward!

Please RSVP below so we know how many to expect.  If you’re not a blogger, but want to blog, feel free to join us as well.  If you have a friend that is not a blogger, but is interested in learning more, feel free to invite them!  If you’d like to carpool with someone in the Northern or Southern part of the state, then use our Facebook group to connect with those in your area!  We are so excited to meet each and every one of you!!!!

MSWB Invite


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