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July 15, 2013

Two days ago I moved to Northampton, MA for a new job. My cat, Kudzu, and I flew on two airplanes together without either of us clawing out of the space around us, and we both turned up still breathing at the end of it! It’s a miracle I tell you.

kudzu plane

        I’ve never seen an actual cat curse, but something tells me this look closely resembles it.

We stayed in a hotel Sunday night to allow for Kudzu’s drugs to ware off, note to self: half a sedative is plenty for her and so I could get a good night of rest in an actual bed before we moved over to our one bedroom apartment. I ran some errands after getting Kudzu comfy, to pick up the essentials for our move in to our one bedroom apartment the next morning before my first day of work which turned out to be phenomenal by the way. Can you use phenomenal to describe a day of work? I can.

On my list of essentials for our first night in the-apartment-with-nothing-in-it:

  • air mattress
  • sheets
  • pillows
  • toilet paper!
  • paper towels
  • plasticware
  • paper bowls
  • shower curtain
  • shower curtain liner
  • shower curtain hook thingys
  • if I don’t write down the specifics, I’ll come home missing a vital piece of the project!
  • bath mats
  • body soap
  • dish soap
  • cereal

I found it all at Wal-Mart, there’s one right up the street from us. And with all of that, Kudzu and I were prepared for our first night in our apartment (but remember this first night we stayed in a hotel, I just bought the essential supplies to be prepared to move to the apartment the next day afterwork)

After my phenomenal first day at the office I had already decided one of the bath mats didn’t fit the small bathroom space, so I returned it to Wal-Mart and paying closer attention, noticed a “Big Y World Class Market” next door. What’s that? It’s the most glorious place I have found nearby thus far, besides “Go Berry” and “Northampton Coffee” below my apartment, of course.

I decided to stop on my way home and check out my local grocery store/market and to pick up a few additional essentials while I was there, so I wouldn’t have to pay for all my meals moving forward. This list of essential grocery items went from bread, PB&J, milk, cereal and bananas to:

  • milk
  • string cheese
  • bananas
  • frozen pizza (I may not have pots, pans, etc. but I have an oven!)
  • bread
  • peanut butter
  • kitty litter
  • jelly
  • hummus
  • those flat pretzel snack things
  • vino
  • champagne (for whence my fiancée arrives, finally)
  • swiffer sweeper
  • swiffer refills
  • avocado-salmon-mango-brown-rice-sushi

Y’all, itwasamazingican’twaittogoback!

They bag your groceries for you, they ask how you are doing, they ask why type of sushi you like all of it, puh-lease! and they say things like “oh wow, you just moved from Mississippi? Welcome!” and then they give you helpful advice about the area and the winter. Winter is coming, like in Game of Thrones, but like in real-life this time.

I left my first Big Y experience on cloud 9. The only thing left to do was unload my groceries and then walk down the block and wash my new sheets for my first night of sleep in the apartment. No, we don’t have laundry facilities in our new place, this is city life folks! Or, as my dear friend Mrs. Jones not-my-future-mother-in-law exclaimed, “That may as well be camping!” I’ll save that story for another time, maybe…it’s a pretty good one.

kudzu cabinet

          You can see Kudzu lives up to her name…(if you don’t know that Kudzu is also a plant that climbs everywhere, well, now you do)


kudzu, door

  New favorite spot in the new apartment, after the top of the cabinets, of course.

The moral of this story is…remember to add solo cups and a long-handled lighter on your list of “essentials” when you move next, or you’ll find yourself unable to light your gas oven to cook your frozen pizza, and drinking vino straight out of the bottle with a kitty making biscuits on your belly while you lay on your air mattress because it’s the only place to sit in your empty apartment.


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Kayla July 16, 2013 at 8:57 am

This made me giggle! Enjoy your new place, I can’t wait to hear about it as you get settled in!

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