It’s the small things {Have suitcase, will travel}

March 20, 2014

With this month’s theme in mind, we asked Erin Staples if she would share some of her amazing photography from some of her travels, and also some thoughts to go with them. We love the result. 

Hi to all of you fellow bloggers from Mississippi. There is one thing we all have in common…we’re southern ladies from Mississippi! Maybe you’re a single lady, which I was not too long ago. Maybe you’re a full-time mama (of which I can’t relate there…yet 😉 ) who blogs all of your fun-filled-crazy life stories, recipes and DIY. Maybe you’re a wife…as I am of only 6.5 months- yippee. Or maybe you’re just a passer-by on this wonderful network of Mississippi bloggers. Maybe you’re a business owner, as I am. I guess the point of all of that…whatever brings you to this blog I’m happy you stopped by and would be thrilled to know you even took a minute to read my ramblings…but here goes.

I’m not going to spend time on my life as a new wife…or my life as a business owner. I want to spend the next few minutes talking about how CrAzY life can get and remembering the small things…not the big. I think this is something each and every one of us can relate to.

Week before last I was sitting in my living room with a cup of coffee in hand, chatting and catching up with a sweet friend whom I hadn’t seen nor really had time to catch up with since before my wedding, which was 6.5 months ago. The conversation led to seeing the small things in life and how God cares and takes care of those details. We chatted about different seasons of life…for the longest time she and I were in the same season, might you say. Single…working-hard…trying to live a life that pleased the Lord…staying busy…praying for God to send the right soul-mate into our lives. Here now our friendship still extends but we’re in different seasons of life yet God is showing and teaching us the same things. As life can get busy and pulling us in what seems like a million different directions, God simply reminds us to slow down…sometimes even s.t.o.p. and see His hand in the small day-to-day things…and how he loves us and provides for us.

This morning as I was mentally prepping for this blog post…my mind went back to that conversation as well as last night in my kitchen. Yes, just last night. I had a busy non-stop day from waking up at 5:30 am getting breakfast and coffee fixed and lunch packed for my husband to walk out of the door to head to work…then straight to house duties to my actual work… I walked back in the door at 7 o’clock…to me being hungry as well as a hungry hubby! I tossed my bags on the love seat and went straight to the kitchen prepping a quickie meal of fajitas. Chopping this and that…my husband started making the guacamole dip…then he grated our big block of cheese that had been in the fridge and needed to be frozen. I was so busy cooking, cleaning up…eating…then to clean up again and rush out the door to go pick up some things from my parents’ house. Whirlwind of a day. I know you’ve had those too…see I told you we can all relate to this. As I actually took time to reflect on last night, it reminded me to be so grateful for a helping husband. Some may look at it as a small task of grating cheese…but do you know how many days I’ve put that off and how much him helping me helped me?!?! Yes! It’s the small things…

I am reminded of those small day-to-day things. The small things…because all to often I think we can get side tracked from the small things because of the so-called “big” things we see in “our world”. I say “our world” because I think it’s filled with social-media. Social media has pros-and-cons as I’m sure you know…but I see all too many times it leads to comparing ourselves to others and that’s not wise. It doesn’t matter who just bought the latest movie…who ran the most miles…who cooked the healthiest meals and who cleans with essential oils. Believe me those things are ok…I actually do a lot of the things I just mentioned. Sometimes our “world”, might you say, is the social media outlets we are on…and I’m here to tell you that’s not our “world”. Take a minute to stop and forget the “big” things that we seem to only notice and write a list of the small things we should be reminded of in our lives. I’m a huge advocate of list-making…I think writing it down helps us not only remember but have a visual to see those small things. You need to extend outside of that and and see the bigger picture of putting your crazy-fun-life into the things we’re passionate about and the people we’re passionate for. This is where the “small” things happen…

I’ll leave you with this thought: I think our heavenly Father cares about the smallest things in our life. Why? Because he mentions small things a lot and I’ll share two.

If I should count them they are more in number than the sand. Psalms 139:18

Sand is a very small thing, yet it can encompass a large space. It itself is small. What about the stars? They themselves to our human eye are very small, yet they encompass a very vast amount of space.

He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names. Psalms 147:4

I would say that God is interested in the small things in life that make up the big picture of our lives as a whole.

Lastly, can I leave you with two small challenges?
1- What are the small things you are grateful for? Write them down.
2- What are you passionate about? Write these down.

The small things we’re grateful for will make up the bigger picture through the things we’re passionate about.

Happy Thursday to you…another week almost complete and looking forward to a beautiful weekend!!!!!
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Hi! I’m Erin Staples…a daughter of the King, a newly wed, daughter, sister, aunt, sister-in-law, friend, musician and photographer. I love being a wife, setting goals, making lists, organizing, teaching and traveling. Adventures with my husband are the best accompanied with coffee, my family, sunrises & sunsets, french fries, pearls, cute stationary, laughs, smiles, moments, Instagram, journaling, the beach and anything colorful. I love life and am so thankful for the life God has granted me. Find me at

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