It’s Never Too Late to Start {Miss January}

January 15, 2014

“It is never too late to start!”

I’m sure we have all heard that phrase before. Well, it is true (although, at the moment, most of my muscles do not agree). Ha! This New Year, I decided to get more exercise and eat healthier {I know…don’t we all have the same plans?}. I have had that resolution every year…but like most resolutions, it did not last. This year, I am calling it a goal…something to work toward.

{I am not saying this for recognition; it’s more for accountability.}

This April, my mom and I will be doing a color run ( in Tupelo, MS. Our goal is to run at least some of the Color Vibe 5K. We have to have something to work toward. I am not going to lie: I am very out of shape and overweight. I cannot just start running. I will have to work up to it.

We found a “program” online that is supposed to help us become (beginning) runners in 8 weeks. {I will share this program with you ladies if you just ask.  I just did not want this post to be so full of links}. We are only on week 1 and with every gasp for breath, I wonder, “is it actually too late to start?” I know it is not too late but since I have just started, I am really struggling. I have also started an ab workout {again, just ask.} With the combination of walking, running, and the ab workout, I think I am already starting to feel a difference so maybe it isn’t too late (ha!…or maybe it is the muscle aches I’m feeling).

If you are like me and just starting a workout or just starting to walk or run, do not give up because, as long as you have breathe, it really is “never too late to start!”


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