How to Plan Your Next Journey

June 8, 2015

Itching to take a trip somewhere? Have somewhere you have always wanted to go? Me too! I love to travel and really can never get enough. I bet everyone plans a trip a little different, but today I thought I would share my process.

How to Plan a Vacation


Idea Phase : Unless you are planning a trip for a specific purpose such as a wedding or family reunion, you first need to pick a destination. Blogs, Travel websites, and travel books are all great resources for getting travel ideas. I like to pin my favorite ideas onto a pinterest board to help me get organized, but jotting your ideas on a piece of paper also works great.

Research a Specific Destination: Once you have picked a particular place, do a little more research. The same resources work for this. Do not rely on just one source. Get ideas and information from different places and people to round out your information. I like to research ideas of attractions to visit, parks and other outdoor activities, and good places to eat.

Pick Priorities: There is never enough time to do everything you want unless you have weeks to spend at a destination. Pick a few that are most important to you. Where do you most want to go? What do you most want to see? Is there a restaurant you most want to try? Some prefer to make a detailed itinerary. Personally I like have a loose plan with a few things in mind. I usually try to find a mix of indoor and outdoor activities and then let the weather and our mood on any given day dictate our schedule.

Book Tickets or Plan Your Route: This will obviously be different depending on how you are getting to your destination. Booking airplane tickets in a timely manner will be more important than picking pit stops on a road trip. Either way planning the travel is important. If planning a road trip, look at the map. Consider if there are places you would like to stop along the way. Make a note of where there are bigger towns and cities where you will have an easier time finding places to stop for food or activity.

Find a Hotel: It is helpful to know where you most want to go before you find a hotel. That way you can find a hotel that is convenient to the places you most want to visit. Also consider other priorities when booking a hotel. These will be different for different people and different situations. When traveling on my own or with my husband I have different priorities than with our kids. For instance, when we go somewhere with our kids having a suite is a must otherwise we end up sitting on the bathroom floor each night until our kids fall asleep or going to bed at 7 pm.

Now you are ready to Start Packing!


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