Homemade Ice Cream {Foodie Friday}

June 20, 2014

One of my all-time favorite summer treats conjures up memories of camping at the lake, sitting on my grandparents’ carport, and family reunions…

ice cream graphic


Everyone loves homemade ice cream.

I’m probably going to make a few enemies with this next statement, however.

I don’t like the taste of homemade ice cream made with canned sweetened condensed milk. (My husband is scowling as we speak. He likes to store cans of it in the freezer and reach in and get a spoonful or two once in a while.)

I do use sweetened condensed milk for other recipes, but I just don’t like it in my ice cream. Once I tried a recipe without it, I never looked back.

There are tons of homemade ice cream recipes out there, but some things just don’t need a lot of improvement. The basics – cream, sugar, vanilla, milk – are really all you need for good ice cream.

So today, I’m sharing my tried and true ice cream recipe. From whence did it come? Martha Stewart or Southern Living, perhaps? Or passed down from one of my grandmothers?

Well, no.

It came out of the manual for the ice cream maker. Seriously.

Some one gave us a pink, 4-quart Rival brand ice cream maker for a wedding present. It was one of the favorite things I received, maybe THE favorite. And it’s still going strong, 12 years later.

The recipe…

ice cream recipe

Now, one tip. Note that it calls for milk, cream, AND half and half. Well, it just seems silly to me to buy half and half in addition to milk and cream, when you can blend some extra cream and milk instead, but if purchased half and half makes you rule followers out there feel better, then by all means, knock yourself out. (FYI, my research indicates that it’s not actually exactly HALF and HALF. See this and this if you want to get all technical. It might matter for something else. I don’t think it does here.)

Recently, I made the peach version. I was in a hurry, so I simply bought two of the small bags of frozen peaches (bonus: already peeled and sliced) and just tossed them in the blender before adding them to the ice cream.

And yes, I realize this recipe essentially has me making my own sweetened condensed milk. Just trust me on this, for the time it takes (just a few minutes), it is so worth it.

Here’s to a sweet summer!

Jenny Mac

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