Heather’s Phobia {Phobias}

October 10, 2013

Hey y’all, It’s Heather at From Here to There. I’m a lifestyle blogger and I cover anything from fitness to recipes to DIY. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but I’m a Mississippian through and through! I’m excited to share one of my greatest phobias – it’s quite unusual.

To those friends that I’ve had for quite some time now, it won’t be a shocker what my phobia is. It has haunted me throughout my childhood and into my college years.

I have two stories for you.

1. I use to be in our church youth choir. Not gonna lie, we were pretty awesome… it wasn’t just swaying and singing hymns. We were on choir tour and were having hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch – honestly, not usually my choice of meal. Some guys from the choir started chasing and throwing {blank} at me. It was horrid.

2. In college, we had group bible study. I had a wonderful college bible study group. Our host always cooked us dinner. After dinner, people from our group began chasing me around the house trying to touch me with {blank}. I was getting ready to leave bible study and at this time I had a flip phone (ancient right?) and I walked out the door. Then my bible study host ran out after me and told me to hand her my phone. She pulled out {blank} from it – some of the guys pulled together and had done it.

So what is my BIG FEAR?

I have a serious fear of smooshy or soggy bread. Yep. It’s awful. I can’t stand how it clings to the roof of your mouth. My best friend in high school, she always brought a sandwich with white bread to school and she would flatten it. Grossest thing ever! I decided to try a bite one day, I literally ran to the bathroom and threw up. One of our TAs in high school poured chocolate milk over his hot dog bun…. DISGUSTING! Seriously… I get ill when I think or see or talk about smooshy or soggy bread. How I managed this post, I’m not really sure.

To combat this fear: I insist on using wheat bread. And any bread that I eat, MUST be toasted. I would even eat a black piece of toast over a fresh slice of white bread.


blog sponsorshipHi there! My name is Heather and I spend the majority of my blogging time over at From Here to There where I talk about the randoms of life (in my case: recipes, running, workouts, friends, the occasional DIY). I’m a full-fledge Mississippi girl and I’m stinkin’ proud of it! I graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Marketing and spent 7 months working at Disney World!

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