Guest Posting {Tech Tuesday}

March 11, 2014

Have you ever been asked to guest post for someone on their blog?  You might have excitedly agreed, but then felt clueless as to what you should write about.  Sometimes bloggers will ask for your input on a certain topic.  For example, if they were asking you to fill in during their vacation, then they might want you to post on your own personal vacation experiences.  However, sometimes they leave the door open to your own choice of topic.

Guest blogging for others can really benefit your own blog, even though you might not directly link the two together initially.
Guest Posting Infographic

This image, taken from our sister site, Texas Women Bloggers, shows how writing a guest post for someone else can really give you exposure from many different angles.

Guest posting can really get your name out there for other bloggers to find you and your great blog! You have great potential to gain several new followers so be sure your content is accurate and catchy.

Now, are you willing to step outside your comfort zone and guest post for us at MSWB?  We want to hear what you have to say! Please consider checking our website and taking part in one or more of our many days and opportunities to connect.

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