Grow your garden: Variety {Miss May}

May 12, 2014


Diversity is the spice of life! (At least, that’s what I’ve always heard.) I tend to agree with the statement, though some times we find comfort in the same old things/people/foods/clothes. In any case, we know that it takes a variety to keep life interesting!


Now, whether you’re planting a vegetable garden or a bed of flowers, you need to choose a various mix of seeds or plants to keep your garden/flower bed well-rounded. You could not make a very flavorful salad if all you planted was lettuce, nor could you have a very colorful flowerbed if all you planted was the same color daisies. Life, like gardens, are better with a mix!


(Roses in my mom’s yard!)


Another thing you have to consider when planting flowers or fruits and vegetables is growing conditions. Some things do better in pots while others thrive in the earth. Some plants like warm, humid air while others prefer dry ground (like a cactus). Some plants don’t mind being close neighbors with other plants, but some plants do.

Plants need space to grow and spread their roots. They need to be fed and nurtured. They need water (the perfect amount) and room to stretch up and out. Not all plants are meant to grow together. (See what I’m getting at? Life can be this way, too.)



People, like plants, require the same necessities to function – food, water, air, sleep. However, the desires and wants can vary from person to person. Not every plant is able to grow in the same garden, and not every person grows in the same way or at the same pace as another.

Some of us are meant for fast-paced city life while others are destined for the slower, country life. Some love the mountain air while others thrive on an ocean breeze. It’s ok – there’s room for all of us to grow and stretch and thrive.

image-9The thing about it is, just as plants grow near each other in a garden or open field, we can all grow along side each other and learn from one another. We don’t all have to be the same or fit into some society-created mold. God has made each one of us special – in His image – and He has an individual plan for each one of us.


The people (and flowers!) who end up the most well-rounded and vibrantly colored are the ones who adapt to their surroundings, embrace the differences, and choose to be better than they were before they encountered them.

We can learn a lot from the plants all around us. We may be most comfortable in our own pot, with other flowers the same color or kind as us, but we may find that we enjoy life more when we’re planted alongside different plants. We all have something to offer and something to gain from everyone we meet along life’s way.


Jessica Thornton



P.S. Special thanks to my mom for spending part of her Mother’s Day with me while I took pictures of flowers at Home Depot!

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