Grow Your Garden: Preparation {Miss May}

May 5, 2014

To be honest, I’ve never been in charge of planting and tending a garden, but I do know that it all starts with preparation. You cannot drop seeds on the hard, dry ground and expect a crop to appear. It takes a series of steps to see the fruits of your labor.


The same thing can be said about our different stages of life – we all spend time in the various stages of preparation. We prepare for graduation, weddings, parties, babies, events, vacations, and garage sales. We always seem to be prepping for something that can be anticipated or planned for.

It can be hard to prepare for events and situations that arise from nowhere, but the Lord is ahead of us! Rest in knowing that the Creator of the universe, the One writing the story, already knows what situations will arise – when, where, why, and how. We have no reason to worry.


This can be hard to remember and put into practice. I’m a planner. I like every little detail written out in my calendar. I like to know what to anticipate. I like to know my timeline for the day/week/month. I’m not spontaneous at all. Nothing stresses me like events and expenses showing up all of a sudden or out of the blue.

The Lord is surely trying to teach me (even in this very moment) that sometimes, He has to prepare my heart or life for what is happening or is about to happen in my life. It takes preparation. He knows I wouldn’t handle it well if He just bombarded me with a tidal wave of change. For the fruit of the Spirit to show up and be evident in my life, I have to prepare my heart. I have to lean into the Lord. I have to trust His plans for me. (Is this hard for anyone else?!)


Next time you get ready to plant something, remember this. You have to prepare the pot or ground before you leave the seeds. You have to make sure the soil is ready to receive and support the growing, new life. Once you plant the seeds or bulbs, you have to tend to them – make sure they get enough light, make sure they get enough (but not too much!) water.

In the same way, we each have to ready our hearts and minds and lives to receive the seeds of truth from God. Once the truth of the Lord is planted in our hearts, we have to tend it. We have to get in the Word and spend time in prayer. We have to seek community and love others. We should be willing to serve and forgive. The fruit will be evident after the preparation and planting.

Looking forward to growing with you ladies!

Until next time,

Jessica Thornton



Lauren May 7, 2014 at 5:01 pm

Jessica, I LOVE this post! I keep planning to get some houseplants potted around here, and now I can’t wait to do it because I’ll be thinking about these connections to time with the Lord. Beautiful.

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