Grow Your Garden: Influence {Miss May}

May 26, 2014


Happy Memorial Day, friends! Let us all remember today the people who are constantly in the fight to protect us and maintain the freedom that our nation offers.

It’s my last post as blogger of the month, and I must say, I have enjoyed my time in this space this month. Thank you each for having me!

If you haven’t noticed by now, I have not planted or grown a literal garden while I’ve been blogging here. What I’ve shared has been the way I compare tending a garden to living our lives. It takes preparation and planning and variety to have a beautiful garden and a beautiful life.

To wrap up, I want to share how to grow your garden of influence online! Now, I don’t have a million blog followers, and I’m not Twitter famous, but I have found an online community that is better than all of that.


If you are a lady blogger, and you love Jesus, the Influence Network is the place for you! There are forums, a monthly magazine, several monthly classes, a blog, downloads, and so much more. I have “met” so many precious hearts online thanks to the network. Be sure to visit at

The two founders of the Influence Network, Jessi and Hayley, have started a conversation on Instagram every Friday under the hashtag #fridayintroductions. You should join in and meet up!


Besides the Influence Network, Mississippi Women Bloggers is a great space to find new friends and blogs to follow. It’s also a great place to become a member. If you’re not local, see if your state has a website like MSWB.

I’ve also found that a great way to meet people in new blog circles is to join in on a link-up! I’ve found great new blogs to follow, and it has been such a fun learning experience. Just watch several of the blogs you follow to see if any of the bloggers you are familiar with participate in link-ups – then join in!

imageLastly, check Pinterest! It’s a favorite of so many of us – and a great place to share your blog and discover new ones!

Again, I’m so thankful to have written in this space for my entire birth month! I look forward to more of us getting to know each other through Mississippi Women Bloggers in the coming months.



Lots of love,

Jessica Thornton


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