Graveyards {Phobias}

October 24, 2013

I’ve never been a huge fan of graveyards.

I mean the old kind, with the old church right next to it, located in the middle of the woods. You know the kind I’m talking about? Especially when it’s dark!

Call me a chicken but all of that combined just makes me want to run.

Well, back in the fall of 2005 I had just started medical school. In fact, we had just finished our first block of classes and taken our first test. But something got in the way of our second block….Hurricane Katrina. Our classes for the next week were cancelled, and I was at my parents’ house because my apartment had no electricity. About 2-3 days into that week, I got a phone call around 8pm from a fellow classmate that they were coming to pick me up and weren’t going to tell me where we were going – it was a surprise but would be a blast! I’m not a big fan of “just going.” I like to know where I’m going…but my mom, in her wisdom, made me go for friend time. So, I got in the car, which was full of medical students and we started going…down the Natchez Trace.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 12.35.34 PMI soon realized where we were going…and was NOT excited! We were headed straight for Rocky Springs – which has a famous old church and graveyard…in the middle of the woods. YAY! No biggie, right? I mean, lots of people; no big deal. Weelllll, I had just finished reading a book by Nevada Barr called Deep South (great book, BTW) about a murder of a student from Clinton (my home town) in – you got it – Rocky Springs! OH. MY. GOODNESS. So, I’m freaking out. Imagine my thrill when we pull up and, due to the hurricane, the park in closed! Um, no problem – the driver just pulls around the barricade. Great! Now we’re going to the graveyard AND we’ve entered a closed national park.

Well, we make it to the parking lot and I refuse to go. I insist that I will sit in the car. The guys being good guys won’t let me stay alone…so I give in and go with them to the church. I stand in the spot light and wait while everyone else “enjoys” the graveyard. Phew, survived, right?! NO…they wanted to explore the “city” of Rocky Springs! Um…no WAY was I walking over a tree bridge in the black darkness. I mean, what if Deep South was real?! Thankfully, they gave in and we all made it back safely to the car. I was a little embarrassed but everyone was nice about it!

All I can say is if you plan to go explore Rocky Springs in the dark, don’t read Deep South right before!


engaged159Claire is a Mississippi pediatrician who loves to bake – and share with friends, family and co-workers. She and her husband have a 4-year old princess and baker-in-training! She blogs about faith, family, and food. She is the “Cookie Doc” and knows that “Cooking is Medicine!”

Kayla October 24, 2013 at 9:13 am

Oh my gosh girl. I would have been freaking out too! Thanks for sharing!

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